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Reservation Express

Coming of Age

Alliance for 33%

Dear All,

More than 30 organisations met in Delhi on July 14 to discuss the strategy to pressurise the UPA to place and pass the Women Reservation Bill in the monsoon session of the Parliament.

It was decided that a demonstration will be organised at the parliament street on July 29, 2010 from 11am to 2pm. People will gather at 10.30am at Jantar Mantar, march to Parliament Street where from 12 noon to 2pm a public meeting will be organised.

Gala national show to celebrate Reservation Express

They say ‘old habits die hard’ but it’s not any better with new habits! The members of the three caravans that arrived in Delhi yesterday shouted slogans all through the cultural programme held at the Constitution Club. Their energy and enthusiasm filled the few-hundred members of audience with joy and awe.
After having traveled more than 20,000 kilometers, the three caravans of the national campaign Reservation Express arrived to the tune of drums and a trumpet. The women were garlanded and awarded trophies.

Anatapur Meeting Report

Sonia Gandhi endorses campaign Reservation Express

Delhi, 7th June 2010: Sixty members of campaign Reservation Express met Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her 10, Janpath residence this morning. In the brief meeting, Mrs. Gandhi endorsed their demand of the passage of 33 per cent Women’s Reservation Bill in its current form in the upcoming monsoon session. She assured positive response to the caravan delegation comprising women from 12 different states who had traveled over 20, 000 kilometers as part of the national campaign.


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